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Tiva C Launchpad: ADT7310 Digital Temperature Sensor Library and Examples

ADT7310 Test Hardware

In order to practice using the Tiva C series Launchpad and the Tivaware Driver Libraries I have gone through the workshops provided by TI.  As part of the workshop they have you practice with the Tivaware SSI drivers.  However the SSI module requires some LED matrix that I didn’t feel like buying.  So instead I have practiced using a digital temperature sensor, the ADI ADT7310.  The ADT7310 is a ±0.5ºC accurate 16bit IC temperature sensor with an SPI interface.

The library and example code includes the driver library for the ADT7310 and an extension library for Tivaware.  It also includes a number of examples.



Also, if you happen to be using an arduino instead of a Tiva C launchpad check out this post.

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